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How Artificial Intelligence is shaping Modern Music

The role of AI in shaping Modern Music Picture yourself grooving to your favorite piece of music, thinking if you could ever create anything likely near that meticulously crafted work of art. You're not a virtuoso after all, unlike the composer who composed the piece. But guess what, Computers with the algorithmic aid of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning might just be able to imitate the subtle patterns and musical expertise associated with not only recreating such work but augmenting to it as well. The use of algorithms and computational methods in music composition and production has been prevalent since the 1950s. Technology has always been ubiquitous around the musical landscape. Enter Automation techniques and AI, pushing the boundaries even further by every other technological advancement. Although the music industry has been revolutionized by such technologies in unprecedented ways, we've still got a long way ahead of us. AI in the production of modern music  

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